Throw Like a Girl started when a mom of a sporty girl with an entrepreneurial spirit decided to use her design expertise, social media know-how, savvy business sense & style to support girls athletics. 

The goal was to build a business that offers high-quality apparel & accessories AND make people feel good—a company that gives back and inspires others to do the same. In other words, good clothes for a good cause. All in the name of the female athlete.

*  *  *

» Participation in athletics leads to GREATER SELF-ESTEEM.   
» Winning, losing & playing as a team promotes INDIVIDUALITY.   
» Girls can be TOUGH while competing and be KIND while socializing.   
» Being a young girl in SPORTS leads to a STRONG WOMAN in life.   
» Being part of a team gives the STRENGTH to become a leader.   
» The ability to make swift, accurate & SMART DESCISIONS during a game leads to the same at home or away.
WE BELIEVE all daughters should be PROUD that they THROW LIKE A GIRL!
*  *  *

 Girls love looking stylish & pretty things AND they love to compete! The idea of a tomboy is old fashioned. It is time to change the meaning of ‘You throw like a girl’ to ‘You wish you could throw like a girl!’

We want all girls to have the opportunity to reach their potential with confidence & believe playing sports is one way to accomplish that goal. Throw Like a Girl! was created because us girls should be proud that we are unique and different than the boys in our life. And most importantly that we throw just as well!

screen-shot-2017-10-13-at-4.30.41-pm.png Throw Like a Girl