Our athletes take time from the field and court to model their favorite tees.

avery2.png  avery.jpg  avery1.jpg

Avery has always loved playing sports.  When she was little she already had a firm understanding of the game & was more competitive than her brothers.  She plays softball as a catcher & shortstop, Basketball as a point guard and Soccer as a defender, but her heart is on the softball field. She is proud that she Throws Like a Girl! #throwlikeagirl

lane.jpg  lane1.jpg  lane2.jpg

Lane spent many years playing with and against the boys on the ice and held her own!  Most recently she is found on a volleyball & basketball court throwing like a girl! #skatelikeagirl #shootlikeagirl

lauren2.jpg  lauren.jpg  lauren1.jpg

Lauren is a cheerleader and is fearless whether on top or bottom of a pyramid.  She is just as spirited about being competitive on the floor. #cheerlikeagirl

hannah3.png   hannah1.jpg

Hannah loves to play basketball and soccer.  She is FIERCE on both the court AND the field. #shootlikeagirl #kicklikeagirl

brianna.jpg  brianna1.jpg

Brianna has been dancing since she was a little girl, lighting up the stage in all forms of dance.  Most recently she is using her height & skill on the volleyball court! #dancelikeagirl #hitlikeagirl

em.jpeg  em2.jpg

Emily has played multiple sports over the years from softball to basketball, but most recently can be found on the court playing competitive volleyball. #hitlikeagirl #diglikeagirl

A special thank you to all of our model athletes!