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eGirlPower - What inspires you?

Posted by Chuck Wasserstrom, eGirlPower, Author on 6th Mar 2016

What inspires you? What drives you to do things that make you feel real good about yourself?

My return to writing has been very inspirational to me. Taking a series of words and stringing them together into sentences, paragraphs and long-form storytelling has lifted me into creative and self-confidence levels that I haven’t felt in years.

And I get inspiration from my daughters. They inspire me every single day. They’re so much better athletes than I ever was. They’re so much smarter than I ever was. They do things with computers and technology that cause me to ask, “How did you do that?” And they’re so much more advanced. Heck, I didn’t even learn how to type until I was midway through high school.

True inspiration comes in many forms. It’s like a magnet; you can get pulled to it from helping those around you.

Back in February, I learned of a volunteer opportunity with the eGirl Power program – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to empower girls to improve their confidence, self-esteem, and reach their full potential. The key objectives of eGirl Power are to inspire, educate, and empower tween and teenage girls – and prepare them for college and career success.

But eGirl Power doesn’t stop just there. The program exists to raise awareness of gender equality issues.

So, let’s think about this. I have two tween daughters. There’s a program with a mission focused solely on gender equality and girls education. I can become involved in a cause that can – and will – benefit both of my children. Where can I sign up?

Today, I’m proud to officially let all of you know that I have been chosen to counsel eGirl Power ( in a public relations campaign. In the coming months, eGirl Power will be releasing a book … and a graphic novel … and a 3D movie … for the purpose of raising awareness and supporting gender equality and girls education. And I get to play my part by generating publicity.

On top of that, there’s a really cool component to all of this. The eGirl Power team members I’m assisting are the same people who brought the world Project Pay It Forward ( and the documentary of the same name with a sole purpose: To highlight individuals who regularly pay it forward to others. I get to feel their passion first-hand. How awesome is that?!

I now get to work with these amazing people – led by Amy Mintz, the Founder, Board Chair and President of the organization – who are so passionate about this project. Their mission for tween and teenage girls:

1.Build confidence and self-esteem.

2.Gain self-awareness of their personal strengths and values.

3.Engage in discussions about strategies to develop leadership skills that are best supported by their specific strengths.

4.Make the big push toward gender equality.

eGirl Power helps girls identify and recognize their unique skills, showing how these special talents can be translated into potential college majors and careers that enhance their strengths and help them reach their full potential. The program works to improve self-esteem and boost confidence -- important key factors for future professional success.

A lack of confidence is found to detrimentally affect females not just in the classroom, but in the workforce as well. Women are fighting for equality and opportunities that weren’t offered before, and they are turning the tide. More than half of the workforce is comprised of women -- and they are receiving more college degrees than men. Yet, they represent only five percent of the chief executives of the largest companies in the United States. While women have the competence to compete for top-level jobs, often their confidence is the factor holding them back.

I’m proud to be working with eGirl Power, and I’ll be leaning on you – my network – to help raise awareness and spread the word.

I am so inspired by this program and this cause. What inspires you?


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