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Throw Like a Girl is a playful, sporty athleisure collection for girls that every sports fanatic will want to get their hands on. The lifestyle brand is a marriage of casual sportswear, quality fabrics blended with team spirit in bright, bold colors. Whether you’re a sport mom or a girl who plays softball, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, hockey, baseball or football, Throw Like a Girl has your back.

Created by a sports-enthusiast family who truly lives and breathes athletics, Throw Like a Girl (‘TLAG’) started their brand in 2014 on the premise that girls can be tough while competing, kind while socializing and look cute doing both.

The brand showcases a huge range of team sports apparel for girls and women – from hoodies to t-shirts, sport spirit jerseys, leggings, sweatpants, hats and headbands, and prices sit at a very comfortable range of $12 to $44.


“My daughter is an athlete”, says Vicki Martin, owner and founder of TLAG, “she plays softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball, but she LOVES softball. She catches and plays short, defender for soccer and point guard for basketball. She just gets it. She’s so sweet and likes pretty things off the field and on the field. I thought to myself, we can be both”. And just like that, the brand was born and immediately trademarked.

The name, “Throw Like a Girl” was chosen in part to dispel the myth that girls are somehow less athletic than their male counterparts.

In fact, the world record for the fastest women’s softball fastpitch at 77 miles per hour is held by Monica Abbot, pitcher of the Chicago Bandits. According to, a baseball pitcher would have to throw a ball at 107.5 miles per hour to match Abbot’s record-breaking pitch. (Currently, the world record for baseball’s fastest pitch is held by Aroldis Chapman, who threw 105.1 in 2010.)

The idea that sports are just for boys is a message that’s all too familiar, but one that holds no validation. If we look back through sports history, we quickly discover women’s team sports have been going strong since the 1800s. According to Smithsonian Magazine, in 1931, 17-year-oldJackie Mitchell, the first professional woman baseball pitcher, struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game. How you like them apples?

Flannel Lounge Pants

Throw Like a Girl prides itself on creating a brand that promotes the passion for team spirit and sports for girls while encouraging strength, confidence and the message of empowerment.

Softball Sport Spirit Hoodie – Holiday Pre-order now!

Throw Like a Girl clothes are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re heading to practice or class, Throw Like a Girl has options for every team sport player. This pink heathered Lacrosse hoodie ($44) with thumbhole style sleeves is a cute and stylish look with just the right pop of color.


These high quality team sport leggings ($26) will be hard to take it off! The soft and stretchy 90/10 fabric and comfortable construction is made with a girls active lifestyle in mind. Pick your favorite from a variety of team sports, and wear everywhere!

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 12.51.44 PM.png
Throw Like a Girl Tie Dye Rainbow Hoodie

We are seeing hearts with this colorful rainbow tie dyed hoodie! A best seller and fan favorite, this hoodie ($39) is one of many inspirational team gear pieces you’ll find by Throw Like a Girl.

Moms can get in on the fun, too, with custom numbered Softball Mom Spirit T-Shirts


The Holiday Sale has started at Throw Like a Girl!

Use code: HOLIDAY20 and take 20% off your order through Dec. 16th

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